Tell us about your business

What is the background of MoveGB and what do you stand for?

We are a company on the Move! Founded by one of the world experts in exercise adherence, the vision of the Move network is to unite the industry so we collaborate to get and KEEP people active for LIFE!

How much does it cost to be part of the MoveGB partner network?

There are no costs to join the Move network. You promote your services to 'Movers' and we pay you the rates we have agreed when they turn up! If you choose to sell your direct offers through the platform, there is a small commission on sales.

Who are Movers?

Movers are registered users on the Move platform - all looking to try out different venues and activities available to them via our partner network. So all Movers are your potential customers! Movers with a ‘Variety Membership’ pay us a monthly subscription that gives them access to your services - we just pay you for their usage on their behalf! In addition to your activities, Movers can also access a wide range of other fitness providers in their area including gyms, leisure centres, studios, dance, climbing walls, bootcamps, golf clubs and more! They are therefore normally more active and loyal than your average Joe, so treat them well and they will be customers for life!

How do i promote my business on the move platform?

You promote your business just by listing your venues on our website and in our mobile app. You can increase your leads by promoting your Move pages, and improve direct conversions by selling your own own offers via the platform.

When and how is my business paid?

We will pay directly into your bank account each month for all qualifying Move attendances validated in the previous month, as well as any redeemed direct sales where applicable. You can log in to the Move portal at any time to access reports on your Move income and attendances.

I’m concerned about losing some of my current direct customers to my move variety membership?

Movers pay a premium for your Variety Membership (priced at least 10% above your plans). So if your existing customers already enjoy using your venue, they are likely to stick with you as it will always be cheaper for them to do so! Joining the Move platform is all about generating new customers who will either join you direct or via your Move Membership if they want variety. A very small number of your customers may decide to upgrade to a Variety Membership, but they remain your customers, you just get paid via the Move platform. Movers are twice as likely to be active than a normal fitness customer, so lifetime income is usually much greater for you - bonus!

Will movers know how much we are getting paid by MoveGB?

No, Movers pay us direct and will never know the commercial arrangements we have with any of our partners.

How does MoveGB look after our business?

We pride ourselves on providing a high level of support to your business. Every partner has access to our central Partner Support Team to help resolve any query. With your awesome service and our technology and digital marketing expertise, together we can help grow your business and the industry!

How do I record visits from my MoveGB users?

Attendances are recorded automatically if our website and app is integrated with your booking system. If not, don’t worry, attendance can be recorded with one tap on a mobile pass, which your Mover will display on their smart phone when they turn up for their chosen activity…easy!